Step 1 : Please upload data file at first   Information
Step 2 : Please fill out following analysis inputs
Natural frequencies of interests (please input as comma-separated for MDOF, e.g., 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 ...)
fn : Hz
Sampling frequency of the uploaded data
fs : Hz
Select checkbox for filtering (7th order Butterworth bandpass filter will be used)


NatHaz Modeling Laboratory 
University of Notre Dame, USA

Dr. Ahsan Kareem
Robert M. Moran Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Dr. Dae Kun Kwon
Research Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Structure Control and Health Monitoring Lab. 
Chonnam National University, South Korea

Dr. Jae Seung Hwang
School of Architecture

Analyzing ...

  • The data file should contain acceleration for either SDOF or MDOF case comprised of numeric values.

  • The datasets should be distinguished as either row or column vector(s) and readable by MATLAB load function.

  • The maximum number of data or modes is currently limited to 6 and only the file extensions, dat, txt, and mat, are allowed.

  • The maximum file size is currently set to 100 Mb.

  • For mat file (MATLAB binary file tested under R2012b), the variable of the acceleration data should be named as input_acc. Otherwise, following error will be generated, Undefined function or variable 'input_acc'.